The Girl Rated PG13

The Girl PG13 PT94M


Struggling with the loss of her child to Social Services, a single mother is trapped in the quicksand of her south Texas life, unwilling to accept the consequences of her actions. When her path collides with a young child from Mexico, she begins a journey that will change her life – discovering that she is the architect of her own fate and learning what it is that truly defines home.

Running Time
1 hr 34 min
Release Date
March 8, 2013

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  • @IyahRodjel

    JW: Say I love you (Live action movie) I can relate with the girl. But not the lovey dovey.😌

  • @DanceBryceDance

    Adam Sandler gets the girl in every movie and I'm over here like what the heck.

  • @zjmsregui

    adelaine kane plays in teen wolf omg the girl from the first purge movie

  • @DanielCraig_007

    L L The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo -Movie Flyer (Korean ver) - #DanielCraig, R.Mara Secret Agent

  • @pacolikesdetaco

    RT @ashIeyangst: "@btiflCINEMA: God Help The Girl (2014) Dir. Stuart Mudroch" probably the best movie ever.

  • @DanielPagaduann

    RT @Swift13Updates: @tswiftvancity the very beginning of the movie when the girl (Natalie) is driving

  • @KyrahNa

    Reason of girl gets bitten n bcomes a vmpire in the vmpire movie is bcause its not a happy ending if the girl ages while the guy stays young