Protect the law by breaking it.

After his L.A. media magnate father's mysterious death, directionless Britt Reid forms a friendship with his father's inventive employee, Kato. They see an opportunity to do something meaningful for the first time in their lives - to fight crime. Britt becomes the vigilante, The Green Hornet, and the two of them use ingenuity and gadgets, make a name for themselves, and begin to hunt down the leader of L.A's underworld, Benjamin Chudnofsky.

  • 1 hr 59 minPG13HDSD
  • Jan 14, 2011
  • Action

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Cast & Crew

  • Cameron DiazLenore Case

  • Seth RogenBritt Reid/The Green Hornet

  • Christoph WaltzChudnofsky

  • David HarbourScanlon

  • Stephen ChowActor

  • Tom WilkinsonJames Reid

  • Enzo CilentiActor

  • Edward James OlmosAxford

  • Jay ChouKato

  • Michael PenaActor