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A pool player from Oakland, California as good as anyone who ever picked up a cue, Eddie (Paul Newman) has an Achilles' heel: arrogance. It's not enough for him to win: he must force his opponent to acknowledge his superiority. The movie follows Eddie from his match against billiards champ Minnesota Fats (Jackie Gleason) as he falls in love with Sarah (Piper Laurie), an alcoholic would-be writer and sometime prostitute, and falls under the spell of Bert Gordon (George C. Scott), a successful gambler who offers to take Eddie under his wing and teach him how to play in the big time. However, when Sarah joins Eddie and Bert on a trip to Louisville for a high-stakes match with a dandy named Findlay (Murray Hamilton), the consequences prove tragic.

  • 2 hr 14 minNR
  • Sep 25, 1961
  • Drama

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Cast & Crew

  • Jackie GleasonActor

  • Piper LaurieActor

  • Paul NewmanActor

  • Michael ConstantineActor

  • Murray HamiltonActor

  • Myron McCormickActor

  • George C. ScottActor

  • Robert RossenDirector

  • Robert RossenProducer