THE INNOCENTS is the latest drama from acclaimed French filmmaker Anne Fontaine (COCO BEFORE CHANEL) that enjoyed its world premiere at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival. Poland, December 1945: Mathilde (Lou de Laage, BREATHE) is a young French Red Cross doctor based in Warsaw when a nun seeks her help. She is brought to a cloistered Benedictine convent where she discovers a young novice in labor. It soon becomes clear that the entire order has been profoundly traumatized and several other nuns are pregnant from a series of brutal sexual assaults by the 'liberating' Red Army. Needing medical assistance and fearing the shame of exposure and the hostility of the newly installed Communist government, the nuns - their faith challenged - turn to Mathilde, a non-believer, who becomes their only hope.

  • Drama

Cast & Crew

  • Agata Kulesza

    Agata KuleszaActor

  • Cast Image

    Lou de LaageActor

  • Agata Buzek

    Agata BuzekActor

  • Vincent Macaigne

    Vincent MacaigneActor

  • Joanna Kulig

    Joanna KuligActor

  • Cast Image

    Katarzyna DabrowskaActor

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