Riverhead Raceway is a rare beast. For decades it has hosted showdowns between local residents who bring their Mad Maxa'inspired stock cars to do battle on a quarter-mile track, passions spilling out of the cockpit when the checkered flag drops. Forty such tracks used to exist on Long Island alone. Today Riverhead is the last. Acclaimed photographer Michael Dweckas evocative portraiture turns the raceway into a theater of catharsis while the trackas owners struggle to maintain an American tradition as a real estate boom surrounds them. Dweckas stirring imagery takes you inside a race and eye to eye with the carsa snarling grills and white roll bars that protrude like bones out of scarred metal. Yet a patient camera lets us know the drivers as everyday people and learn that Riverhead is tied to a deep sense of identity. The track is on the only piece of undeveloped land in the areaa'it's worth millionsa'and the only thing keeping the bulldozers at bay is track owners Barbara and Jim Cromartyas love of the track and its community.

  • Nov 16, 2018
  • Documentary

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