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After leaving his LAPD post following a bungled operation, Sheriff Owens (Arnold Schwarzenegger) has resigned himself to a life of fighting what little crime takes place in sleepy border town Sommerton Junction. After a spectacular escape from an FBI prisoner convoy, the most notorious drug kingpin in the hemisphere is hurtling toward the border at 200 mph in a specially outfitted car along with a hostage and a fierce army of gang members. He is headed, it turns out, straight for Sommerton Junction, where the whole of U.S. law enforcement will have their last opportunity to make a stand and intercept him before he slips across the border forever. At first reluctant to become involved, and then counted out because of the perceived ineptitude of his small town force, Owens ultimately accepts responsibility for one of the most daring face-offs in cinema history.

Running Time
1 hr 47 min
Release Date
January 18, 2013

Movie Buzz

  • @AngelitaAbou

    Back on that @XMenMovies fix! Onto the 3rd movie, The Last Stand!

  • @tessschomer

    The Last Stand is such a good movie πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • @_MC__hammered

    how are they still pumping out x men movies wasn't "the last stand" supposed to be like.. the last movie?

  • @magagnon099

    #X-men "the last stand" is not the best movie, but the Beast is 10 times better than in "first class". #comics

  • @rabbitfrom8mile

    So the xmen fight the sentinels in the new movie. Weren't the sentinels in the last stand. Or was that in the simulator. Hmm

  • @Alex__McIntire

    The last stand is a sick movie.

  • @jim_blasko

    I'm giving away: Two Rare 35mm Film Cell Strips from the Movie " X-Men 3 The Last Stand ". Chec #listia