150 million years ago, various aliens were living in harmony under the God of the Earth, Elohim. But Dahar, who is from the dark side of the universe, was planning to annihilate the Earth. What will happen at the end of the battle for the survival of the Earth?

  • 1 hr 59 minPG
  • Oct 22, 2021
  • Animation

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Cast & Crew

  • Yoshiko SengenActor

  • Ayumu MuraseActor

  • Hiroki TakahashiActor

  • Jun KasamaActor

  • Taku YashiroActor

  • Satomi AraiActor

  • Satoshi TsuruokaActor

  • Ryotaro OkiayuActor

  • Sayaka OharaActor

  • Yuichiro UmeharaActor