Two elders manage to escape from the nursing home where they are admitted to live a last adventure in their caravan.

  • Pre-show and trailers run for approximately 20 minutes before the movie starts.1 hr 52 minR

    Opening Mar 9

  • Drama

Cast & Crew

  • Donald Sutherland

    Donald SutherlandActor

  • Helen Mirren

    Helen MirrenActor

    Dame Helen Mirren was born in Queen Charlotte's Hospital in West London. Her mother, Kathleen Alexandrina Eva Matilda (Rogers), was from a working-class English family, and her father, Vasiliy Petrovich Mironov, was a Russian-born civil servant, from Kuryanovo, whose own father was a diplomat. Mirren attended St. Bernards High School for girls, where she would act in school productions. After high school, she began her acting career in theatre working in many titles, all the way up to Broadway.
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  • Kirsty Mitchell

    Kirsty MitchellActor

  • Christian McKay

    Christian McKayActor


    DANA IVEYActor



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