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Mickey Haller (Matthew McConaughey) is a Los Angeles criminal defense attorney who operates out of the back of his Lincoln Continental sedan. Haller has spent most of his career defending garden-variety criminals, until he lands the case of a lifetime: defending a Beverly Hills playboy accused of murder. But the seemingly straightforward case suddenly develops into a deadly game of survival for Haller.

Running Time
1 hr 59 min
Release Date
March 18, 2011

Movie Buzz

  • @ChaukeSingro

    After Dixon's day on the stand today, I can't help but think of movie The Lincoln Lawyer. #OscarsTrial


    The Lincoln Lawyer was a great movie

  • @Rogervins

    Saw the movie the Lincoln lawyer yesterday. Its a good movie but still I felt the suits is a much better series than this movie.

  • @Ibarra_Oliver

    Movie Time: estoy viendo The Lincoln Lawyer

  • @meggiepeggie110

    "The Lincoln Lawyer" however, is a great movie. #followup

  • @edel_alice

    The Lincoln Lawyer is such a good movie. Matthew McConaughey is so smooth in it.

  • @Donmagicwand24

    I added a video to a @YouTube playlist THE LINCOLN LAWYER (Full Movie) in HD