The Little Prince Rated PG

The Little Prince PG PT106M
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A young girl (voice of Makenzie Foy) strikes up a friendship with her neighbor, an eccentric aviator (voice of Jeff Bridges) who tells her the story about a Prince from a far-away asteroid that he met in the desert.

Running Time
1 hr 46 min
Mark Osborne
James Franco, Paul Rudd, Rachel Mcadams
Release Date
August 5, 2016

Movie Buzz

  • @Coffeeismydruh

    The little prince is such a underrated movie, I cried so much

  • @Leslieee813

    the Little Prince on Netflix actually made me cry last night 😭 such a cute movie 💞

  • @kat8404

    The Little Prince on @netflix is probably the cutest movie I've every seen. Low-key emotional too

  • @AnnieOnSelby

    The Little Prince on Netflix is a great movie.

  • @iigotthajuice

    The little prince is an interesting movie. I like it.

  • @coolguymudassir

    A movie u must watch !! The little Prince ! #LePetitPrince ! #NailedIt

  • @sarahhhhbelle

    Uhm. Why didn't anyone tell me my favorite childhood book aka "The Little Prince" was made into a movie?! AND IS CURRENTLY ON NETFLIX?!