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The Lord of the Rings: Trilogy Rated PG13

The Lord of the Rings: Trilogy PG13 PT807M

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Relive the original trilogy in preparation for the release of THE HOBBIT: AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY! On Saturday, December 8, 2012, starting at 10am, prepare for the most highly anticipated journey of the year by watching all three director's cut editions of THE LORD OF THE RINGS back to back at AMC. Your $25 ticket includes: $5 AMC Stubs Bonus Bucks for members, a limited edition lanyard and a commemorative gift while supplies last.

Running Time
13 hr 27 min
Release Date
December 16, 2003

Movie Buzz

  • @GimmeMooreStink

    The last movie in the lord of the rings trilogy is already 10 years old. What.

  • @irfandwikii

    Long movie,Long time,Long holiday ★ The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy —

  • @Ruiz_Moreno

    So here's the deal. After I see the rest of this Hobbit movie then the 3rd one, I plan on watching the Lord of The Rings trilogy.

  • @altk_lee

    I got The Lord of The Rings Trilogy and if anyone is wanting to have a movie marathon I am SO DOWN

  • @julius_vinluan

    Movie marathon — watching The Lord of the Rings Trilogy

  • @FiliSoRandom

    RT @ActorTrivia: The Beatles approached Stanley Kubrick with the idea of a movie adaptation of ‘The Lord of the Rings’ trilogy. He turned t…

  • @warrior0003

    Have you got that feeling from watching the new Hobbit movie that you want to watch all the Lord of the Rings trilogy.