From Producer Roland Emmerich (Moonfall) comes a captivating film that follows a teen on two journeys: one into a prestigious boarding school to fulfill his aspirations as a singer, and another into a parallel world filled with fantasy and adventure. Tim (Jack Wolfe, Shadow And Bone) has been dreaming his whole life about attending Mozart All Boys Music School, but already his first days there confront him with a hostile headmaster, the stresses of a first love, and serious doubts about the authenticity of his singing voice. When he finally discovers a mystical gateway in the school?s library, he is pulled into the fantastic cosmos of Mozart?s opera, The Magic Flute, where fantasy has no limits and the Queen of the Night (Sabine Devieilhe) reigns. Suddenly, Tim realizes that he is living two lives: He tries to get a prominent role in the school?s upcoming recital by day and returns to the magical universe where, as Prince Tamino, he must free the lovely Princess Pamina by night. Risking letting down everyone he loves, Tim is forced to make a decision. But what is the right choice?

  • 2 hr 4 minNR
  • Mar 10, 2023
  • Family

Cast & Crew

  • F. Murray AbrahamActor

  • Iwan RheonActor

  • Jack WolfeActor

  • Amir WilsonActor

  • Asha BanksActor

  • Stefan KonarskeActor

  • Jeanne GoursaudActor

  • Morris RobinsonActor

  • Noureddine FarihiActor

  • Stefi CelmaActor