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When he dons an ancient Nordic mask, Stanley Ipkiss moves at warp speed, knows your every desire, satisfies your every whim and dances like Fred Astaire, Gumby and Barishnikov combined. He's s-s-s-smokin'! Jim Carrey and Cameron Diaz star in this story of a sweet, socially inept bank teller who discovers a mask that transforms him into a superhero ... but one whom you may not want to call for help.

  • 1 hr 37 minPG13
  • Jul 29, 1994
  • Comedy

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Cast & Crew

  • Cameron DiazActor

  • Peter RiegertActor

  • Peter GreeneActor

  • Jim CarreyActor

  • Richard JeniActor

  • Reg E. CatheyActor

  • Amy YasbeckActor

  • John RubensteinActor

  • Tim BagleyActor

  • B.J. BarieActor