In THE MATRIX REVOLUTIONS, the final chapter in the Matrix trilogy, the rebels' long quest for freedom culminates in a final explosive battle. As the Machine Army wages devastation on Zion, its citizens mount an aggressive defense - but can they stave off the relentless swarm of Sentinels long enough for Neo to harness the full extent of his powers and end the war?

  • 2 hr 9 minChildren under 17 may not attend R-rated movies unaccompanied by a parent or adult guardian. Children ages 6 and under are not allowed at R-rated movies after 6pm.
  • Nov 5, 2003
  • Action

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Cast & Crew

  • Carrie-Anne MossActor

  • Keanu ReevesActor

  • Laurence FishburneActor

  • Monica BellucciActor

  • Harold Perrineau Jr.Actor

  • Hugo WeavingActor

  • Jada Pinkett SmithActor

  • Lana WachowskiDirector

  • Lilly WachowskiDirector

  • Joel SilverProducer