The Maze Runner Rated PG13

The Maze Runner PG13 PT113M


Based on the best-selling young adult thriller, THE MAZE RUNNER is set in a post-apocalyptic world, where Thomas is deposited in a community of young men after his memory is erased. After learning they're all trapped in a maze, Thomas joins forces with fellow 'runners' to not only escape the maze, but solve its riddle and reveal the chilling secret of who brought them there, and why.

Running Time
1 hr 53 min
Wes Ball
Dylan O'Brien, Thomas Brodie Sangster
Release Date
September 19, 2014

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  • @auncilz

    What was the last movie you watched that was really good? — The maze runner

  • @addicted2ebayy

    #horror #movie The Maze Runner (Blu-ray Disc, 2014, NO DVD OR Digital Copy) #ebay #auction


    What is the best movie you have ever seen? — THE INTERNSHIP, THE MAZE RUNNER, WERE THE MILLERS.

  • @itmovierank

    Australia 43. The Maze Runner - Wes Ball #Movies #iTunes #iPhone #Apple

  • @Missis_Mckenzie

    Watching the 'Maze Runner' Movie. 🙈 I haven't hid under the duvet at the scary parts yet.

  • @badgergoals

    When the Maze Runner was first released I promised myself I wouldn't watch the movie until I read the book and the rest of the series first

  • @LadyKatie1617

    Watched "The Pyramid", "Maleficent" and "The Maze Runner" over the weekend. The only movie that honestly disappointed me is The Pyramid:(