The Maze Runner Rated PG13

The Maze Runner PG13 PT113M


Based on the best-selling young adult thriller, THE MAZE RUNNER is set in a post-apocalyptic world, where Thomas is deposited in a community of young men after his memory is erased. After learning they're all trapped in a maze, Thomas joins forces with fellow 'runners' to not only escape the maze, but solve its riddle and reveal the chilling secret of who brought them there, and why.

Running Time
1 hr 53 min
Wes Ball
Dylan O'Brien, Thomas Brodie Sangster
Release Date
September 19, 2014

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  • @alya_syamimi99

    The maze runner is the great movie 👍

  • @ZeroTrailer

    The Maze Runner ... - #FACEBOOK #JamesDashner #TWITTER - #MOV #movie #trailer

  • @rimmedlarry

    i watched the maze runner tonight , actually such a good movie

  • @cutesy_cabello

    I've just finished the Maze Runner trilogy but I kinda don't wanna see the scorch Trials movie bc of the big plot change

  • @rueslullaby_

    RT @THEMAZEKILLS: the maze runner will always be my favourite movie out of the trilogy purely bc we see a newt that is still sane and uninf…

  • @Lovable_Mayor

    What ur favorite movie — Favorite movie, the maze runner

  • @SyaElise2009

    A friend asked "why do you want to buy The Maze Runner book? Just watch the movie!" . I don't care.…