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Kermit and the gang decide to take a trip to Hollywood. They begin their journey on a bicycle pedaled by Kermit, but friends accumulate along the way, and they change vehicles to accommodate them. They have the additional challenge of fending off the entreaties of the heartless Doc Hopper who wants Kermit to make some advertisements promoting fried frog legs. Kermit must also cope with his amorous feelings for Miss Piggy, and hers for him. Once in Hollywood they encounter many stars.

  • 1 hr 35 minG
  • Jun 22, 1979
  • Comedy

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Cast & Crew

  • Frank OzActor

  • Jerry NelsonActor

  • Jim HensonActor

  • Richard HuntActor

  • James CoburnActor

  • Austin PendletonActor

  • Bob HopeActor

  • Charles DurningActor

  • Cloris LeachmanActor

  • Dom DeluiseActor