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The further misadventures of bumbling Los Angeles police Lieutenant Frank Drebin (Leslie Nielsen) are chronicled in this third installment in the popular Naked Gun comedy series. This by-the-numbers entry begins with Drebin as a happily retired house-husband called back into action when an evil terrorist organization threatens Los Angeles.

  • PG13
  • Mar 18, 1994
  • Comedy

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Cast & Crew

  • George KennedyActor

  • Leslie NielsenActor

  • Priscilla PresleyActor

  • Raquel WelchActor

  • Pia ZadoraActor

  • Weird Al YankovicActor

  • O.J. SimpsonActor

  • Julie StrainActor

  • Anna Nicole SmithActor

  • Edy WilliamsActor