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In this film, Roy Hobbs becomes a 35-year-old 'rookie' for the New York Knights. He soon becomes the team's star player and attracts the attention of the enigmatic Memo Paris. Roy's fascination with Memo compromises his playing ability, but he finds salvation in the form of his childhood sweetheart.

  • 2 hr 14 minPG
  • May 11, 1984
  • Drama

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Cast & Crew

  • Glenn CloseActor

  • Robert RedfordActor

  • Robert DuvallActor

  • Robert ProskyActor

  • Wilford BrimleyActor

  • Joe Don BakerActor

  • Kim BasingerActor

  • Barbara HersheyActor

  • Darren McGavinActor

  • Richard FarnsworthActor