THE ONES BELOW is a dark, modern fairy tale in which the lives of two couples become fatally intertwined. Kate (Clemence Poeesy) and Justin (Stephen Campbell Moore) live in the upstairs flat of a London house. Thirty-something, successful and affluent, they are expecting their first baby. All appears well on the surface though Kate harbors deep-rooted fears about her fitness to be a mother and her ability to love her child. One day, another couple, Jon (David Morrissey) and Theresa (Laura Birn), move in to the empty apartment below. They are also expecting a baby and, in stark contrast to Kate, Theresa is full of joy at the prospect of imminent motherhood. Pregnancy brings the women together in a blossoming friendship as Kate becomes entranced by Theresa's unquestioning celebration of her family-to-be. Everything changes one night at a dinner party in Kate and Justin's flat. Kate begins to sense that all is not as it seems with the couple below. Then a tragic accident throws the couples into a nightmare and a reign of psychological terror begins. THE ONES BELOW is the debut feature from writer-director David Farr (screenwriter of HANNA and THE NIGHT MANAGER) starring the ensemble cast of Clemence Poesy ('Birdsong', 'The Tunnel', HARRY POTTER), David Morrissey ('The Walking Dead', 'Red Roding', WELCOME TO THE PUNCH) Stephen Campbell Moore ('Complicit', HISTORY BOYS, 'Ashes To Ashes'), and Laura Birn (PURGE, PEARLS AND PIGS, HEART OF A LION).

  • Suspense

Cast & Crew




  • Laura BirnActor

  • DAVID FARRDirector


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