In New York's Little Italy, smooth-talking hustler Charlie (Mickey Rourke) works in a restaurant and dreams of one day buying his own with his girlfriend Diane (Daryl Hannah). His wiry wheeler-dealer cousin Paulie (Eric Roberts) waits tables, skims money off checks and is always scheming to score big. But they're all about to pull a scam on the wrong guy: Eddie (Burt Young), the Mafia King of Greenwich Village! Now these small-time con men are in big-time trouble!

  • 2 hr 1 minChildren under 17 may not attend R-rated movies unaccompanied by a parent or adult guardian. Children ages 6 and under are not allowed at R-rated movies after 6pm.RHDSD
  • Jun 22, 1984
  • Action

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Cast & Crew

  • Daryl HannahActor

  • Eric RobertsActor

  • Mickey RourkeActor

  • Philip BoscoActor

  • Val AveryActor

  • Tony MusanteActor

  • Geraldine PageActor

  • Jack KehoeActor

  • M. Emmet WalshActor

  • Burt YoungActor