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THE PRESIDENT tells the story of a dictator who is forced to personally confront the many people tortured by his regime after his government is overthrown. THE PRESIDENT and his family rule the land with a draconian fist, enjoying a privileged and luxurious existence at the expense of his miserable and oppressed subjects. After a coup d'etat uproots his position of power, the President's wife and daughters are flown out of the country as he stays behind with his grandson, who is too young to grasp the unfolding events. After his personal escort and bodyguards turn on him, he is forced to disguise himself and flee into the countryside to avoid capture. He soon learns that he is now the country's most wanted fugitive and begins a perilous journey with his grandson, his only ally. Posing as street musicians, the pair blend in with a band of haggard political prisoners just released from jail as they travel towards the coast to an awaiting ship that will take them to safety.

Mohsen Makhmalbaf
Dachi Orvelashvili, Misha Gomiashvili
Release Date
June 3, 2016

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  • @ChapaJennifer

    @realDonaldTrump is going to be the same as the president on Scary movie 3 in the White House. #smh

  • @MerryDian211

    @OWNTV Why did u lie in your movie about the president not helping Martin Luther King?

  • @JoeConason

    RT @BumpItMcCarthy: @basquiat518 @JoeConason was writing abt Clintons 20+ yrs ago."The Hunting Of The President." Best seller. Made into a…

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    IS HILLARY THE PRESIDENT YOU WANT FOR YOUR DAUGHTERS? Clinton Cash The Movie Official Trailer via @YouTube

  • @dararae92

    RT @riannavalentine: Still in need of the pink velvet dress from my date with the president's daughter movie

  • @riannavalentine

    Still in need of the pink velvet dress from my date with the president's daughter movie

  • @Sofa_Critic

    'Spotlight' - the 2015 'Best Picture' winner is a solid movie in the vein of "All the President's Men" from the 70s. The acting ensemble...