The Prince Rated R

The Prince R PT93M


A mechanic with ties to the underworld is unwittingly drawn back into the life he gave up when he suspects that his daughter has been kidnapped, and he is forced to confront his former rival in order to rescue her. (unofficial)

Running Time
1 hr 33 min
Release Date
August 22, 2014

Movie Buzz

  • @calleycahill

    The Prince of Eygpt is such a good movie and the soundtrack is even better

  • @OhMySaunders

    The prince of Egypt made less than the bee movie

  • @_movie_cinema

    Moving forward is rarely accomplished without considerable grief and sadness. - The Prince and Me (2004)

  • @MumiPyhia

    The Prince Of Egypt is a nice movie, even if the story isn't like the original at all. Believe me, I've been there.

  • @kbaileyjava2

    Though The Thin Red Line is an ok movie, Notle is incredible in it. The Prince of Tides was an incredible performance. Cape Fear was great

  • @eneojosunday89

    The Prince is Mine 1 Latest Nigerian Nollywood Ghallywood 2015 Movie: via @YouTube

  • @eneojosunday89

    The Prince Is Mine 3 Latest Nigerian Nollywood Ghallywood 2015 Movie: via @YouTube