The Rally-LA Rated NR

The Rally-LA PT0M
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Several years earlier in 'The Rally 1 - A Change is Coming', Sarka Sr. (Kenneth Copeland), the traditional patriarch of a powerful crime family suddenly decides to give up his control of the family business and return to the old country for a while. He also wants his son, Junior (T-Bone), to give it up, leave that place with him and its memories to start a new life, but Junior has no intention of giving up his birthright. He bitterly rejects his father's offer. With Sarka gone, Junior steps into his role as head of the family and begins a new era terrorizing their city in a brutal wave of drug trafficking and ruthless violence. In the meantime, Rick (Rick Reyna), with Rallys for Christ, is determined to organize a local rally to bring hope to the devastated community. But, Junior sends his thugs to threaten the rally team because he knows that hope will eventually break the hold he has over the people.

Rick Reyna
Eric Roberts
Release Date
April 22, 2016