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Rags maker Emerson 'Emy' Mariposque (Vice Ganda) lives with his one and only brother, mischievous Chino Mariposque (Daniel Padilla). Despite his faulty memory, he tries his very best to protect Chino from all kinds of danger. One day, Emy discovers that one thing that will make Chino closest to danger and the latter has been keeping from him: Chino is the rising superhero 'Guapito'. With raging fear and anger of what might happen with his brother, he discovers that truth that his friends have been keeping from him: Emy is also a superhero, the greatest one there is 'Gandarah'. With Chino taking advantage of being 'Guapito' to save those in need, Emy uses his being 'Gandarah' to protect Chino from further danger. However, an eccentric villainess comes in the picture -- Kweenie (Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach), who is hiding as a former beauty queen and a rising model -- Cassandra Stockings. With great help from an enigmatic entity SALAMEAN, she desires to have the most powerful bertud that Gandarah has been keeping from everybody's knowledge -- all for her to become the most powerful being in the world. Gandarah, Guapito, and Kweenie eventually meet and finally face the truth that have been hidden from them -- a truth that will make or break the very thing that bind the three of them: family. In the battle between truth and trust in a present world where the beauty of goodness is being diminished by the madness of wickedness, what great power can ever ground them all to the reality they deserve?

  • Pre-show and trailers run for approximately 20 minutes before the movie starts.1 hr 51 minNR
  • Action

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    JOYCE E. BERNALDirector

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