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Gao and his friends are the happiest kids in the city of Galilee. Living on the rooftops of this bustling metropolis, sometimes life can be tough - but they still churn out songs all day, and dance under the stars at night. But when Gao meets his dream girl, a billboard beauty named Sian, fate takes him on a wild ride through romance, friendship, and gang rivalry, all told through enchanting melodies and stunning dance numbers.

Release Date
July 19, 2013

Movie Buzz

  • @fay_krueger

    Movie streaming at the rooftop. #relaxmode #holidaybonding #moviemarathon

  • @pughshika92

    A movie and dinner is too cliche . Take me to the rooftop let's have lunch with Mary and whatever you desire πŸ‘

  • @technmsg

    Skipping out on the rooftop pool swim to watch Ghostbusters. What can I say, great movie, and it wasn't an infinity pool.

  • @NorainiLE

    Go to rooftop shopping mall right after watch movie, take a quite lot of photo and make the rooftop like we're the owner.

  • @lifeishollywood

    The rooftop gymnasium I turned into a giant playground for A-list movie stars & undercover/megafame culture builders.

  • @mattjuniper

    Watching a movie on the rooftop patio πŸ˜„

  • @DuckDuckGoos

    Central Park to a movie on the rooftop