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On what seemed like any other day during their two-year LDS missions, Elders Travis Tuttle (Corbin Allred) and Andrew Propst (Maclain Nelson) are approached by Nikolai (Nikita Bogolyubov) to meet a friend. But then the missionaries experience the unimaginable -- kidnapped, beaten, and held for ransom for nearly a week -- on the other side of the world in Saratov, Russia. While their family, friends and the world pray for their safe return, Tuttle and Propst are tested physically, emotionally and most of all -- spiritually. But in abducting the missionaries, Nikolai unwittingly sets in motion a course of events that draws him and them closer to each other and to God in ways never expected. Through the harrowing experience they each discover the universal truth that there is a greater plan, a different way, a different approach to life -- 'The Saratov Approach.' Inspired by actual events, THE SARATOV APPROACH is the extraordinary, untold story of Elders Travis Tuttle and Andrew Propst and their week-long abduction in Saratov, Russia. Through this harrowing experience, these men of God and their abductors alike discover a different approach to life -- 'The Saratov Approach.'

Running Time
1 hr 41 min
Release Date
October 9, 2013

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  • @alanseawright

    Finally saw @GarrettBatty's THE SARATOV APPROACH. Great movie. Listen for the radio announcer, he's tops!

  • @bmchristensen8

    Does anyone in Rexburg have the movie the Saratov Approach and if so could we please borrow it?

  • @CamrynBradshaw

    In the wierdest way possible, the movie "The Saratov Approach" has made me want to serve a mission more than I ever have before.

  • @PRESTo121

    The saratov approach is probably my favorite movie ever

  • @carreebr

    just wanted The Saratov Approach. Such a great movie!! great start to my Sunday! Happy Easter Everyone!!!

  • @joshloverthemax

    Watching the @RealSaltLake game while everyone else in my family watches 'The Saratov Approach'. I never really wanted to watch that movie.

  • @taelin_averett

    The Saratov Approach missionary just signed our movie about him. awhh☺️