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After several weeks filming The Scout in the late 1970s, star Peter Falk and director Howard Zieff abandoned the project. Two decades later, writer Andrew Bergman gave his original script to Albert Brooks and Monica Johnson, who polished it as a vehicle for Brooks and director Michael Ritchie. Brooks stars as Al Percolo, a talent scout for the New York Yankees whose latest recruit (Michael Rapaport) has just vomited on the field and fled. Sent to Mexico as punishment by his boss (Lane Smith), Percolo finds phenomenal young pitcher Steve Nebraska (Brendan Fraser). Before he can get back to the Big Apple, however, Percolo gets pink-slipped by the Yankees, so he offers Nebraska as a free agent. After a stellar tryout, Nebraska is signed for millions. Soon after, he starts to exhibit odd behaviors that may be linked to psychological problems. A psychiatrist (Dianne Wiest) hired by the ball club wants Nebraska in daily therapy, so Percolo ends up babysitting a mentally unstable pitcher.

  • 1 hr 41 minPG13
  • Sep 30, 1994
  • Drama

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Cast & Crew

  • Albert BrooksActor

  • Brendan FraserActor

  • Dianne WiestActor

  • J.K. SimmonsActor

  • Lane SmithActor

  • Anne TwomeyActor

  • Bob CostasActor

  • Michael RapaportActor

  • Roy FirestoneActor

  • Steve GarveyActor