The Sessions Rated R

The Sessions R PT95M


Starring John Hawkes, Helen Hunt and William H. Macy, the film is based on the poignantly optimistic autobiographical writings of California-based journalist and poet Mark O'Brien.

Running Time
1 hr 35 min
Release Date
October 19, 2012

Movie Buzz

  • @movie_quote29

    "They say there is a cup of life that is either half-empty or half-full, depending on how you feel about things." -The Sessions (2012)

  • @GertrudeSalsber

    "The Sessions" (2012) is a dazzling movie (A) #AhiMovieReviews <oc86v9>

  • @CTMay3

    Praying that Ailes preps Trump, that the sessions become an HBO movie, that Alec Baldwin is Trump, and Gary Oldman (+ tons of CGI) is Ailes