The Social Network Rated PG13

The Social Network PG13 PT121M


A story about the founders of the social-networking website, Facebook.

Running Time
2 hr 1 min
David Fincher
Andrew Garfield, Jesse Eisenberg, Justin Timberlake
Release Date
October 1, 2010

Movie Buzz

  • @ENVYBaileyMedia

    After watching The Social Network, you need to have a girl bother you the whole movie and backstab your friends to make billions.

  • @wickedgarnes

    RT @peachymoretti: 1. the social network the movie that made me love movies the script!! "i need my cfo" ".03%" "i was ur only friend" htt…

  • @MoviePostersMPD

    The Social Network Movie posters here!

  • @realbensamsone

    Just watched The Social Network, Movie connoisseurs will appreciate it! 5/5

  • @Marr_Vill

    Why is the social network such an excellent movie? I just dont get it honestly smh :/

  • @jonfestinger

    RT @ericgoldman: Pro se copyright/idea submission complaint against "The Facebook" Someone must have missed The Soc…

  • @ErinCleaves29

    RT @R700S46: Completed The Social network. Thought the movie was excellent until the Introduction of the Napster guy. I rooted for Mr. Save…