Veteran star Claude Brasseur plays the cantankerous Henri of the title in this riotous comedy of bad manners and good intentions. Bitterly opposed to the relationship between his son Paul (television comic Guillaume de TonquAdec) and the flighty ValArie (Frederique Bel), Henri strikes upon a devious plan. He offers free board to attractive student Constance (vivacious newcomer Noemie Schmidt), who, desperate to make her own way, agrees to use her charms to drive the couple apart. What ensues is classic farce material with a whirlwind of uproarious misunderstandings and awkward situations. Yet despite the wry cynicism at the beginning, there is still a sweet and uplifting message at its core -- follow your dreams and don't waste a minute. Cesar award-winning director Ivan Calberac has adapted his own stage hit to the screen with triumphant results, in a top example of the Paris boulevard comedy style. In a uniformly superb cast, honors go to Brasseur, who is a hoot as the old coot. Uproarious fun from start to finish, this is bound to bean audience favorite.

  • Drama

Cast & Crew

  • Claude Brasseur

    Claude BrasseurActor

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    Guillaume de TonquedecActor

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    Noemie SchmidtActor

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    Frederique BelActor

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    Ivan CalberacDirector

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    Nicolas AltmayerProducer

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