The Sweeney Rated NR

The Sweeney PT0M


A hardened detective in the Flying Squad of London's Metropolitan police. Based on the '70s UK TV show.

Release Date
March 1, 2013

Movie Buzz

  • @jwlnrl

    I found the Sweeney Todd movie on YouTube while browsing around for musical play soundtracks what a nice day

  • @ladycouslands

    my only issue with the sweeney todd movie is that the blood all looks like v8 tomato juice

  • @laurens_jergi

    What is your favorite movie soundtrack? — probably the Sweeney Todd soundtrack

  • @SantosJBlack

    I'm on theatre withdrawals and I just saw the Sweeney Todd movie and I was like -_- 'nope' where are @jrtjoe @zoedoano @CraigMather??