The Town Rated R

The Town R PT125M


A bank robber becomes romantically involved with one of his victims, a bank manager who doesn't know who he is. Their relationship jeopardizes the robber's gang, who are being pursued by an FBI agent, who's also interested in the bank manager.

Running Time
2 hr 5 min
Release Date
September 17, 2010

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  • @50KaratDiamond_

    The men accents in the movie the town>> 😍

  • @sincerely_AshK

    Watching " the town " good movie.

  • @JemC_engbot

    The Town - Shooting of Ben Affleck's new movie, on set in Charlestown, M...:

  • @YaBoyErik

    I forgot how good a movie The Town was

  • @alecyangos

    The Town is such a good movie

  • @Becky_Haugh

    The town's summer concert and movie series starts this week. Schedule at link.

  • @kosteythoughts

    This next video... Is if you shot the movie "The Town" in Atlanta... #mtvJams2015