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In this most talky and personal of films, director Marguerite Duras and actor Gerard Depardieu do an on-camera read-through of a movie script. Occasionally, the director comments about the characters or their motivations, and sometimes the actor does. That's all -- there is no action, there are no location shots, no one pretends to be anything else. The script itself tells about an encounter between a blank-slate of a woman hitchhiker, and a communist truck driver. As the reading progresses, Duras comments bitterly about the failed ideals of communism and the glorious revolution that will probably never happen.

  • NR
  • Apr 16, 2022
  • Drama

Cast & Crew

  • Gerard DepardieuActor

  • Marguerite DurasActor

  • Marguerite DurasDirector

  • Francois BaratProducer

  • Pierre BaratProducer

  • Marguerite DurasWriter