Therapy For A Vampire Rated NR

Therapy For A Vampire PT0M
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Vienna, the early 1930s: One night Sigmund Freud has a new patient on his couch -- a mysterious count who can no longer bear the 'eternally long' relationship with his wife. The vain countess incessantly complains about not being able to look at herself in a mirror, the professor hears from the count. Unaware of the fact that the count and his wife are vampires, Freud introduces his mysterious patient to a young painter, Viktor, who paints portraits which express more than a mirror ever could. While visiting the painter, the count takes an instant shine to Viktor's girlfriend Lucy -- more so than Viktor and the countess would like.

David Ruehm
Cornelia Ivancan, Jeanette Hain, Tobias Moretti
Release Date
June 10, 2016