Khan Pi was a trained Special Operations agent for the military who retired from his service in the military. He is raising his daughter alone because his wife passed due to serious health issues. The bills keep piling up from all the medical bills between his wife and his daughter who has some health issues. His old Commander General John Reese from the Military shows up at his house and offers him a once in a lifetime opportunity to make a ton of money that will set him up for life. Khan Pi refuses to accept the job and General Reese leaves highly disappointed. Mary a young reporter receives some inside information concerning a top secret mission that had a terrible incident happen. This escalates into situations that build up to a final confrontation leading to forgiveness and justice.

  • 1 hr 22 minNR
  • Aug 20, 2021
  • Action

Cast & Crew

  • Anthony Tucker AmiranteActor

  • Nuam BoihActor

  • Thang MungDirector

  • Thang MungProducer

  • Gin MungProducer

  • Marc HemingwayProducer

  • Anneli MungWriter