This is a story about three boys, Vakeel, Bittu and Tull, who have grown up in a small village called Jungpura, in Punjab. They were lured into the drug business when they were very young by the drug lord, Dilbagh and unfortunately let it get the best of them. The protagonist of the story, Pali, always knew in the years that he spent in jail, that he would eventually put an end to the drug business and revive the glory of his beautiful village. Little did he know that going after what he wanted was not going to be as easy as it seemed. He works himself up under huge emotional and physical losses, yet, he finds the true meaning of existence when he ends up falling for a Canadian journalist, Ekum, who puts him further into a mess. He leaves the village with Ekum for a few days for the dust to settle. But on hearing the news of the cold blooded murder of his friend Bittu and alliance Angrez, he and EkumA come back to confront Dilbagh and his men in this gripping tale of betrayal, revenge and survival.

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  • SIPPY GILLWriter

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