1920. Against all odds, Paul Deschanel, an idealist unknown to the general public, is elected President of the French Republic. His first steps in power are impressive. He makes a series of audacious proposals : abolition of the death penalty, the right to vote for women, universal suffrage! But the cynicism of the political world, the game of institutions and the violence of media campaigns catch up with him and soon derail him. One evening, he falls off a train and vanishes? The whole world wonders: what happened to the French President?

  • Nov 25, 2022
  • Comedy

Cast & Crew

  • Jacques GamblinActor

  • Andre DussollierActor

  • Christian HecqActor

  • Cyril CoutonActor

  • Jean-Marc PeyrefitteDirector

  • Jeremy ZelnikProducer

  • Benoit RolandProducer

  • Tancrede RamonetProducer

  • Camille GentetProducer

  • Jean-Marc PeyrefitteWriter