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TIL ALL ARE ONE: TRANSFORMERS 40th ANNIVERSARY EVENT celebrates a legacy that began in 1984 and hasn't stopped exciting fans for 40 years. This special cinema experience will take you back to the very beginning as the original voice actors team up for the first time in decades to revisit their characters and recreate the enduring magic of The Transformers. An exclusive behind-the-scenes table read appears on a split screen with the pilot episode, More Than Meets the Eye, Part 1, followed by the next three episodes in the first series. Experience the original Saturday morning cartoon for the first time on the big screen and relive its evolution over the years with a sneak peek of the new season of Transformers EarthSpark. Don't miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to celebrate 40 years of Transformers action, humor and legacy with fans of all ages at an anniversary event that is truly... More Than Meets the Eye! AMC has been advised that this film contains sequences with flashing lights that may affect photosensitive viewers.

  • 1 hr 36 minNR
  • May 15, 2024
  • Special Events

Cast & Crew

  • Frank WelkerActor

  • Peter CullenActor

  • Dan GilvezanActor

  • Arif KinchenActor

  • Frank TodaroActor

  • Gregg BergerActor

  • Michael BellActor

  • Paul EidingActor

  • John GibbsDirector