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Su Jianming (played by Lei Jiayin), the son of Deputy Mayor Zheng Gang (Zhang Guoli) of Jinjiang City, defies his father's counsel and attends a cunning dinner invitation from the wealthiest man in Jinjiang City, Li Zhitian (played by Yu Hewei). To his astonishment, he becomes an unwilling witness to a shocking incident where someone is coerced into thrusting their hand into a simmering hotpot. As past mysteries resurface, hidden factions from various quarters plot and scheme, employing intricate strategies, scrutiny, and suspicion. Amidst the web of conflicting desires, the pressing question remains: who will ultimately unveil the final mask?

  • 2 hr 7 minNR
  • Oct 19, 2023
  • Drama

Cast & Crew

  • Jiayin LeiActor

  • Hewei YuActor

  • Guoli ZhangActor

  • Yizhou SunActor

  • Naiwen LIActor

  • Joan ChenActor

  • Daoming ChenActor

  • Dongyu ZhouActor

  • Yimou ZhangDirector

  • Yu ChenWriter