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When the Israeli mob starts bringing drugs into the West Coast, one Special Agent from Unit 262 is assigned to infiltrate them and ultimately bring them down. His code name is `Elijah? and once undercover he discovers that the Israeli mob is about to take on the Mexican Baja Cartel over the drug market from Los Angeles to Tijuana. Now stuck in the middle of a turf war ? the entire Unit 262 must take action!

  • 1 hr 25 minNR
  • Dec 8, 2023
  • Action

Cast & Crew

  • Hamzah SamanActor

  • Dave SilvaActor

  • Dez CuchiaraActor

  • Elisa DyannActor

  • Brian Eric JohnsonActor

  • Roger GutierrezActor

  • Christina WoodsActor

  • Meni AgaActor

  • Michel WakimActor

  • Brian Eric JohnsonDirector