The film will follow the remarkable life and times of George Foreman, from Olympic Gold medalist to World Heavyweight champion, the Rumble in the Jungle fight with Muhammad Ali in Zaire, to finding his faith, retiring and becoming a preacher. When financial hardship hits his family and church, he steps back in the ring and regains the championship at age 45, the oldest heavyweight champion in boxing history. To be directed by George Tillman Jr. The screenplay is written by Frank Baldwin and George Tillman Jr., and original screenplay by Dan Gordon. Produced by Peter Guber and David Zelon. The film is to star Khris Davis, Sullivan Jones and Forest Whitaker.

  • Mar 31, 2023
  • Drama

Cast & Crew

  • Khris DavisActor

  • Sullivan JonesActor

  • Erica TazelActor

  • Jasmine MathewsActor

  • Shein MompremierActor

  • Forest WhitakerActor

  • Sonja SohnActor

  • Sam TrammellActor

  • Al SapienzaActor

  • Matthew GlaveActor