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UPGRADE is a thrilling and hyper violent vision of the future from the producers of GET OUT and THE PURGE, and the creator of SAW and INSIDIOUS. After his wife is killed during a brutal mugging that also leaves him paralyzed, Grey Trace (Logan Marshall-Green, SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING, PROMETHEUS) is approached by a billionaire inventor with an experimental cure that will 'upgrade' his body. The cure--an Artificial Intelligence implant called STEM--gives Grey physical abilities beyond anything experienced, and the ability to relentlessly claim vengeance against those who murdered his wife and left him for dead.

  • 1 hr 40 minRHDSD
  • Jun 1, 2018
  • Action

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Cast & Crew

  • Logan Marshall-GreenGrey Trace

    Logan is a native of Charleston, South Carolina. His parents are both drama teachers. His mother, Lowry Marshall, is the artistic director of Brown University's repertory theatre department. Logan graduated with a Master's in Fine Arts from New York University's Graduate Acting Program at the Tisch School of the Arts. He made a few appearances in Law and Order, before landing recurring roles on The O.C. (2003) and 24 (2001). His breakthrough role came in Ridley Scott's Prometheus (2012).
  • Harrison GilbertsonEron Keen

    Harrison Sloan Gilbertson is an Australian actor. Born on June 29th 1993 in Adelaide, South Australia, Gilbertson began acting at the age of six when he played the character of Sorrow in the State Opera of South Australia's production of Madama Butterfly. He made his screen acting debut in 2002, playing the role of the protagonists younger brother Greggy in the film Australian Rules. His big break came in 2008 when he landed the lead role of Billy Conway in Accidents Happen, starring opposite Academy Award Winner Geena Davis. International reviewers commended his performance and acting abilities. His US acting debut was starring in the lead role of Emmett in Academy Award Winner Dustin Lance Black's directional debut, Virginia (2010), alongside Academy Award Winner Jennifer Connelly and Academy Award Nominee Ed Harris. The film was produced by Academy Award Nominee Gus Van Sant and Christine Vachon of Killer Films. Gilbertson was awarded the 2010 AFI Young Actor Award for his performance as Frank Tiffin in Beneath Hill 60. In 2014 Gilbertson played the Supporting Role of Little Pete, in the DreamWorks picture Need For Speed, starring alongside Aaron Paul, Rami Malek, Imogen Poots, Kid Cudi, and Dominic Cooper. The film grossed $203.3 million at the Box Office. He has also starred in the acclaimed Australian films Blessed (2009), Tim Winton's: The Turning (2013), Hounds Of Love (2016), and My Mistress (2014) alongside eight time Cesar Award Nominee Emmanuelle Beart. His other American credits include, Haunt (2013), Fallen (2016), and Look Away (2018) alongside Jason Isaacs, India Eisley, and Mira Sorvino. Most recently he was seen as the softly spoken Michael Fitzhubert in Amazon Studios Picnic At Hanging Rock (2018) alongside Natalie Dormer, and BlumHouse Productions sleeper hit UPGRADE (2018) as the eccentric Eron Keen. Harrison Gilbertson also stars in the lead role of Travis, in the yet to be released Stephen King/Netflix horror film In The Tall Grass (2019).
  • Betty GabrielDetective Cortez


    Benedict Hardie is an actor, writer, and filmmaker. Originally from the Blue Mountains west of Sydney, he studied economic theory and psychology before training as an actor. After graduating, Hardie ran a theatre company with some very talented peers, cutting his teeth as a writer, director, and maker of numerous plays. When Hardie finally got serious about acting he was fortunate to be allowed on sets with some highly esteemed folk. He fell in love with Filmmaking, and followed Filmmaking around like a puppy until Filmmaking decided to keep him, provided he didn't make too much noise or soil the furniture.

    Simon Maiden is an Australian actor. He was born in Ballarat, Victoria to parents Stuart (a teacher) and Pamela (a theatre manager) and is of Scottish heritage. A graduate of the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA) he has appeared in the feature films The Dressmaker, The Great Raid, Romulus My Father and The Killer Elite. On television he has portrayed Winston Churchill in Deadline Gallipoli, Sen. Graham Richardson in the telemovie Hawke and featured in Jack Irish, Wentworth, Newtons Law, Tangle, The Doctor Blake Mysteries and many more.
  • Leigh WhannellDirector

    Leigh Whannell grew up in Melbourne, Australia, where, at the age of four, he developed an obsession with telling stories. Whether it be through acting, writing or filmmaking, his primary love was getting a reaction from an audience. In 1995, at the age of 18, he was accepted into the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology's prestigious Media Arts course, where he met fellow filmmaker James Wan. In his second year of college, he landed the role of "film guy" on a Saturday morning TV show aimed at teens called Recovery (1996). Filmed totally live in the studio and hosted by actual teenagers, the ground-breaking show was hugely popular down under and was the first to bring "alternative culture" to Australia's TV screens, featuring live performances from bands like Sonic Youth, Weezer, Public Enemy, Ben Harper, Pulp and hundreds more. Hosting the film component of the show, Leigh was lucky enough to interview people like Tim Burton, Peter Jackson, Russell Crowe, George Clooney, and eventually went on the host the show in 1999. After graduating from college, Leigh found himself working more and more as a "host" or "presenter" on Australian TV - all the while hatching a plan with James Wan to finally fulfill his dream of making a film. Small acting roles cropped up from time to time (including one in The Matrix Reloaded (2003), which Leigh has said was "the most fun I've ever had in my life") and, along with those, some frustrating near-misses (and not so near-misses: like his cringe-inducing audition for "Lord Of The Rings", in which he paid $90 to have "hobbit ears" grafted onto his head, turning up at the casting office dressed as a hobbit - needless to say he didn't get the role). However, it was missing out on a role in Alex Proyas Australian film Garage Days (2002) that finally broke the camel's back. He called Wan and told him that if they wanted to get a film made, they would have to pay for it themselves. Saw (2004) was born. After nine months of writing, Leigh had written the screenplay for what he thought would be a self-financed, "Blair Witch"-style feature, with him starring and James directing. The script gained so much attention that soon enough, they were shopping it around Hollywood....and the rest is history.