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Life for 16-year-old Chloe so far has been anything but a bed of roses. Growing up fatherless, Chloe's mother, Betty Jo, has tried to provide for her but struggles with addiction. Chloe hangs with the wrong crowd and struggles with her own destructive behavior. When Betty Jo is sent to jail, Chloe is forced to live with her uncle Earl, a small-town sheriff, and her aunt Tammy, both of whom she's never met. Chloe gets bullied by the girls at her new school for the way she dresses. Tammy sees a lot of herself in Chloe and helps her change her style. Chloe befriends a boy named Jasper, who has been raising his cow, Maisie, in hopes of taking first prize at the county fair. Just when Chloe seems to adjust to her new life, she learns her mother is going to be released early from jail. Chloe runs away back to the city only to find her dream of reuniting with her mother tragically shattered, but with the help of Jasper and her newfound family, she can move on and pursue her dreams.

  • 1 hr 42 minNR
  • Mar 31, 2023
  • Drama

Cast & Crew

  • Craig ShefferActor

  • Ivanna DanforthActor

  • Bobbie GraceActor

  • Chalice EbowActor

  • Ellen HalperActor

  • Cole SpringerActor

  • R. Scott LeiskDirector

  • R. Scott LeiskProducer

  • Stephen Allen GutierrezProducer

  • David RodriguezProducer