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Senior Engineering student VINCE (Joshua Garcia) has a longtime crush on go-getter popular and fellow senior Engineering student KATH (Julia Barreto). Just when he’s about to confess his feelings for her, his best friend & basketball team captain JAMES (Ronnie Alonte) begs him to build him up on her through text messaging by pretending to be a secret admirer named “Var”. Apparently, James has fallen in love with Kath and he doesn’t know how to court her. Vince gives in to his best friend’s request, keeping his unrequited love for her to himself. As he acts as James’ secret wingman in text, Vince struggles with his feelings for Kath especially when she and James finally meet and become a couple. However, as Kath gets to know Vince during internship, she gradually feels the sincerity of connection with Vince which she has felt when she was texting with “Var” whom she believes to be James. In this young love triangle filled with filters of masks & pretense, how can teenagers transitioning to adulthood find real love?

Release Date
November 4, 2016

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