Carmen Maura, returns to work with Almodovar for the first time in several years, as the mother of Penelope Cruz and Lola Duenas. In Almodovar's own words, 'Maura's character is a modern woman and a good mother, but she is desperately in love with a man who is far from being a saint. After her death, she returns to town for working out things she could not settle while being alive.'

  • 2 hr RHDSD
  • Nov 3, 2006
  • Comedy

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Cast & Crew

  • Carmen MauraActor

  • Lola DuenasActor

  • Penelope CruzActor

  • Yohana CoboActor

  • Chus LampreaveActor

  • Blanca PortilloActor

  • Pedro AlmodovarDirector

  • Esther GarciaProducer

  • Pedro AlmodovarWriter