Walking With Dinosaurs Rated PG

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For the first time in movie history, audiences will truly see and feel what it was like when dinosaurs ruled the Earth. WALKING WITH DINOSAURS: THE MOVIE is the ultimate immersive, big-screen, 3-D experience. Recent discoveries and a breakthrough in technology will introduce new and unique dinosaurs that are more real than ever before and put moviegoers in the middle of a thrilling prehistoric adventure, where an underdog dinosaur triumphs against all odds to become a hero for the ages.

Running Time
1 hr 27 min
Neil Nightingale, Pierre De Lespinois
John Leguizamo, Justin Long
Release Date
December 20, 2013

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    And you thought that the dialogs were annoying in Disney´s Dinosaur, HA! wait until you see Walking with dinosaurs the 3D movie

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