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War Of The Worlds Rated PG13

War Of The Worlds PG13 PT117M

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Adaptation of the 1898 H.G. Wells novel about aliens invading the Earth.

Running Time
1 hr 57 min
Science Fiction
Release Date
June 29, 2005

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  • @frantbhx

    War of the worlds is such a great movie

  • @ShelbiTidwell

    I feel like we're in the movie War of the Worlds

  • @p3rf3ctblu3

    im gna see if war of the worlds will be a good movie

  • @tMirrorUniverse

    RT @Salami_Inferno: @thomasthecat I loved the idea that was floated for the Spielberg war of the worlds movie. That the aliens look like ET…

  • @DonMongale_SA

    War of the worlds Dope movie

  • @LenaNeverSleeps

    Do so want there to be a movie version of War of the Worlds someday that is based in 1899.