A young computer whiz kid accidentally connects into a top-secret super-computer, which has complete control over the U.S. nuclear arsenal. It challenges him to a game between America and Russia, and he innocently starts the countdown to World War 3. Now the kid has to convince the computer he wanted to play a game and not the real thing.

  • HDSD
  • Jun 3, 1983
  • Suspense

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Cast & Crew

  • Ally SheedyActor

  • Barry CorbinActor

    Barry's full given name is Leonard Barrie Corbin, and he was born on October 16, 1940 in Lamesa, Texas, to Kilmer Blain Corbin, an attorney & TX State Senator, and Alma Corbin, an elementary school teacher. Barry and his wife Jo share a ranch in Fort Worth, Texas. He says when he isn't working, he rides horses there every chance he gets.
  • Dabney ColemanActor

  • Eddie DeezenActor

  • JOHN WOODActor