Thornton takes us on a very personal, very Australian investigation into the star sign we have printed onto our country's flag. You can't copyright a star, but you can copyright the star's symbol, and it's a symbol often associated with Australia. Thornton breaks down and explores the significance of the Southern Cross, divulging into its importance not just to the general public of Australia, but for Indigenous Australians as well. He travels the country, paying a visit to a number of members from his own tribe, amongst others. The Southern Cross is so much more than just a star sign, and this movie tells us why.

  • 1 hr 25 minNR
  • Oct 7, 2022
  • Documentary

Cast & Crew

  • Warwick ThorntonDirector

  • Brendan FletcherProducer

  • Warwick ThorntonWriter

  • Brendan FletcherWriter