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What a Man: The young teacher Alex is abandoned by his girlfriend Caroline and therefore begins a journey in search of himself. But how he overcomes the pitfalls out there for a modern man? And what is it that makes a man a man?

Release Date
November 30, 2012

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  • @maggiedraycott

    Silver Streak what a movie what a man , Gene Wilder thanks for the laughs #rip #legend

  • @JebAndBradBot

    the yellow guy the circle he like yeah the mouth hes like the adam sandler movie he slurps things like what a man

  • @MrWassan

    watching #Kabali right now, what a movie, what a man. Love you Sir @superstarrajini. #HatsOff #Movietime #Hero #Star #Rajinikanth

  • @prkfitness

    @PatelDevansh @MattBrownCFB what a movie #TheManWhoKnewInfinity what a man #SrinivasaRamanujan