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What a Man: The young teacher Alex is abandoned by his girlfriend Caroline and therefore begins a journey in search of himself. But how he overcomes the pitfalls out there for a modern man? And what is it that makes a man a man?

Release Date
November 30, 2012

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  • @kitcho11

    Watching the gazza movie what a player what a man @gazza8gascoigne #legend

  • @Leonhearn

    The house from Mrs Doubtfire. So glad we saw this, what a movie, what a man. #america #USA… https://t.co/3bsTOhusuI


    Wow prob the best movie scene ever he is the personification of male beauty and what a man should be http://t.co/Ym2KCFYFnu

  • @bailey_smith5

    Paul walker in the movie hours shows what a man really is... I swear this movie has me in tears every time I watch it😭

  • @Stoopzy1

    Watched #TheNightBefore trailer and I'm gonna enjoy that movie, already laughing at the trailer. @Sethrogen what a man...

  • @Based_Sniper88

    RT @Jermainejunior: What a man @davidortiz much respect!!! Watch his movie, IN THE MOMENT, mister BOSTON

  • @fluffy_lizards

    Met one of my all time movie heroes today. What a man ❤